Posted on: May 24, 2012 4:12 pm


Part of what makes a good sporting event good is the hype leading up to an event. The HYPE is what makes you want to go and see an event. All of the trash talk, the preparations, the personality of the competitors. The advertising of these elements of a competition is really what makes people come out ans watch the event itself

What’s happening to two of my favorite pastimes in the NFL and the NBA is that the HYPE is being taken away. These sports are competitive and aggressive in nature.  There’re not a "Gentleman’s game” by any means. People are exasperating every muscle in there body to manipulate their opponent to claim victory. People practice hours upon hours to perfect their game. A certain level of pride and confidence must be expected when you train for long and hard. Given this perspective I feel that things such as celebration and trash talk should not be frowned upon. Celebrations do not need to be penalized, and it’s a pure shame that is it. Sure it may look bad at times to show boat, but this should be that individual’s prerogative, and should not be shunned by a third party. Maybe your teammate, maybe your coaching staff, but to receive flags technical foul from an official? A fine from the League office? Give me a break. With anything there is always a standard of crossing the line, but this standard has been lowered to such great lengths that it’s ridiculous.

Let’s get one thing very clear. I watch sports to see my favorite athletes play their craft. Again, I pay to see certain athletes. I don’t pay to see the craft itself. I don’t want to go and see any boxing match. I want Mayweather Paccquioa  Cotto etc .. I don’t care to see Joe Blow play basketball, I want to see Allen Iverson, Tim Dunkin, Shaquille O’Neil play the game. Do you go to just any concert or any restaurant. NO. You want watch certain personalities perform a song. You want to taste a particular flavor. The manner in which leagues are fining athletes exuberant amount of money for the silliest things is really taking the flavor element away from sports entertainment.

Personality... Does anyone have one anymore? I completely understand people not acting the way that football players act on the field and NBA players act in real life. But this is sports/ENTERTAINMENT. I feel like I'm being robbed of the entertainment value by not allowing some of my favorite athletes being able to express themselves. I miss when people and teams had character.

JR Smith fined for posting a picture of a girl in her underwear on twitter? Penalizing team celebrations and or when a player “goes to the ground?” Fines for criticizing and official? I get this, but the fact of the matter is that the player are forced to give interviews before and after games… Is not a choice. SO to force someone to talk, and then restrict what they can talk about seem so backwards. And frankly I don’t care about officials, I pay money, good money at that to watch the athletes, and if a ref makes a bad call and the athlete was to bring attention to it so be it. It’s not okay to disrespect officials or anyone for that matter, but one can be critical and not disrespectful at the same time. Roger Goodell and David Stern do not want that, they don’t want you to say anything.


And the amount of fines is somewhat insulting as well. 20k 40k 50k… We are talking about yearly salaries over something like posting a picture on twitter.  I remember Rick Carlisle being fined 35k for accidently kicking the ball into the stands. $35,000. Really? I think that people are being fined so often that the price is commonly overlooked and treated nonchalantly. But seriously, it doesn’t matter how much certain people make, 35k is still 35k. And we are not even talking about a crime or even actions that have no explanation, meaning, warranting. A lot of the actions have justification and warranting to them.


That’s my rant. I wish that more people would feel just as outraged so that we could get back to the days when teams hated each other, and duked it out on the field.  Taking away the flavor of sports is causing the players to not care about the game itself but more about their own personal interest, like their paycheck. And why should they care, they’re just going to get fined anyway. Imagine if you went to a restaurant and received a meal with no seasoning. Sure it’s a meal, but it’s not the same without the flavor.

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