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Posted on: May 29, 2012 12:29 pm

Flip Flop: Flopping in the NBA

Watching an NBA game there are now 3 teams to look at… The Home team, the Visiting team and the officiating crew. NBA officiating has becoming a serious topic.


Everyone most notably Jeff Van Gundy wants to bemoan players such as LeBron James, Reggie Evans and all others who have honed their skills in the flopping department. But it’s really not their fault. They are simply taking advantage of how poor and more importantly inconsistent the NBA officiating has become.


I liken there strategy to the old “Hack-A Shaq” strategy used by coaches to take advantage of O’Neil’s poor free throw percentage... The tactic was very unpopular amongst many fans to not even play the game of basketball and just foul Shaq down the stretch and watch him shoot 50%. Once again it wasn’t the coach’s fault for taking advantage on the rules, but more so the rules permitting for such a thing to occur were to blame. And naturally what did the NBA do to stabilize the game... They changed the rules…

The NBA should take a more serious look and tone in addressing the officiating the game.  I have never officiated a game, and I can only imagine that it must be difficult. But how about the league office just simplify what it is the officials are actually responsible for:

-Stop calling fouls that you do not actually see.  So many times I see calls made from officials who have the worst observational view of a play. Did you actually see the foul or were you just anticipating a foul being committed? The instant replay as well as HD technology sometimes leave the viewer completely puzzled how certain call could have possibly be made.

-The NBA is so fond of making official reports when a player receives fines, which I’m no fan of. It brings so much light to a negative situation.  But why isn’t the ref being held accountable for making horrible that at take can determine the outcome of a game equals as a made or missed jumper.

-And quit it with the ticky-tac fouls. This is complicating the game so much. Some game are called tight, some are loose… Just let stuff go for crying out loud because the inconsistency is frustrating and confusing. 

My rant is done… I’m fine with officials officiating a game, but stop trying to take over the game down the stretch as if your name was Michael Jordan. Stop making nonsense calls like they do in Europe. And for goodness sake, whatever you do, just be consistent.

The NBA started call the game close in an effort to increase scoring which according to them would increase viewers: Look at the numbers and you can clearly see that your efforts have been a fail.       

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